Bible vs quran essay

Very briefly, it seems. None of the early heretical texts in Christianity even begin to point to pantheism, and the only Christian group of the time that practiced a strict mind-body dichotomy was the Gnostics; a group which famously modeled its religious mode off of the Greek Mystery cults, passing on secret knowledge by word of mouth, thus not writing any of it down. There were no controversial books ripped from the bible… Because the bible wasn’t canonized until 382 at the Synod of Rome, and again later at the Councils of Hippo and Carthage; so technically, a book can’t be “removed” from the Bible before that point, when it was officially clarified for the Church (because before then it was just a bunch of letters bundled together collectively known to be “The Word”). But even in the second century, there was a broad consensus, across Africa, Italy, Palestine and Greece, that the New Testament was as it’s current state, with only a few bishops disputing Revelations, Hebrews, 3 John and 2 Peter.

@ epicurus and christians who may not know...God, in the law of moses rolled out a number of pretty austere and rather unnecessary rules to the israelites to govern their lives..u will see stuff like stoning to death the question is did he mean it literarily? yes he did..why ? the purpose was unveiled by paul later.."...the law entered that the offense might abound" :20
God knew there was no way any man with his inherently corrupt nature could live virtuously and perfectly but he needed to prove it to he gave them LOTS of laws and LOTS of terrible punishment to act as effective deterrents but it all failed as anticipated..the people still sinned...but a few succeded and felt quite good with here comes JESUS who makes things worse..he says to those who smugly say.."i have commited no adultery"..i, Jesus, am redefining adultery ..merely LOOKING lustfully is adultery..merely saying u HATE somebody is a stroke the few good guys remaining became sinners too! what is God trying to prove? YOU ARE NOT GOOD ENOUGH TO MERIT ME NOT CALLING YOU A SINNER..ALL MEN ARE SINNERS AND INHERENTLY BAD inspite of your best effort! so he introduces christ and for as many as are humble enough to accept their limitations and call on him..christ offers forgiveness for free! " ..therefore the law was our tutor to bring us to christ,that we might be justified by faith, but after faith has come ..we are no longer under a tutor"
GAL 3;24. The only commandment remaining for the christian now is to continue to believe in JESUS and to love everybody especially our christian brothers.
A lot of atrocities have been commited by those who claim to speak for God and bear the name of christ..these men are on their own..they are nothing like christ..who always treated everyone fairly and justly and never dealt the bible says " the lord knows those who are his..let everyone who names the name of christ depart from iniquity" 2tim 2:19...WE ARE THE WINNING TEAM

Bible vs quran essay

bible vs quran essay


bible vs quran essaybible vs quran essaybible vs quran essaybible vs quran essay