Life changing decision essay

When Kerrigan read about the bumblings of Stant, her assailant, as he was stalking her in Boston—leaving his credit card back in Phoenix, moving his car every 30 minutes while waiting for her to appear at the practice arena—she howled with laughter. Kerrigan would call a family member over and say, 'I know this is horrible, and I'm lucky and everything, but listen to this …' then would read aloud the passages revealing the ineptitude. Then, giddy with mirth, the Kerrigans would look out the window at the mob of wailing reporters and wonder, What if they knew what we were doing now?

Cindi, I too am a teacher and our job seems to never be “done”. Add to that the constant over stimulating environment we work in. We are surrounded by so much stimuli, and on top of that, make multiple decisions every minute based on all that feedback our bodies pick up. After the kids go home, there’s still more to do. I stay and try to get things done, but usually I’m not as productive as my peers because my brain needs a break. I often do my planning and prep better on the weekend with a fresh mind. – Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was an HSP teacher group? Our jobs are so important, and being HSP is a gift to the students since we notice the little things they need. Yet being so in tune using our sensitivities, being in such an over stimulating environment, and giving of ourselves all day takes its toll. It would be nice to have other teachers to talk to who relate.

Life changing decision essay

life changing decision essay


life changing decision essaylife changing decision essaylife changing decision essaylife changing decision essay