Tell tale heart theme essay

Sometime early in September, another an advance copy of Time Out Of Mind appeared in the mail The album dominated by blues, with only four out of the 11 songs being ballads. The songs were brooding with a consistent theme of restlessness bordering on despair. Many people, not realizing when the album was recorded immediately confused Dylan's hospitalization with the album. The blues had always been a staple of Dylan's music starting with his first album, and Dylan always made his blues his own, minus the vocal affectations of many of his contemporaries. On Time Out Of Mind , there was a difference because unlike Dylan's earlier blues recordings, there was a conscious effort to get not only the sound, but the feel of the great blues records of the '50s.

  1. Is the narrator afraid of dying? What passage can you use to prove your point?
  2. Is it significant that the narrator kills the man with his own bed? Does this detail impact your reading? Would substituting a different murder weapon significantly change the story?
  3. Some critics and readers believe that the narrator plans to commit suicide after he tells us the story. Do you think there is evidence for this theory? If so, what? If not, why is this theory improbable?
  4. If you knew the narrator killed himself after telling the story, would this change your feelings toward him? If so, how? If not, why?

Tell tale heart theme essay

tell tale heart theme essay


tell tale heart theme essaytell tale heart theme essaytell tale heart theme essaytell tale heart theme essay